Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glass
Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glass

Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glass

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Designed for full-bodied red wines with lots of character, strong tannins and high extract as well as expressive white wines with phenolic structure, this glass balances power, density, extract and tannin.

Recommended for Bordeaux, Rioja, Sangiovese (Brunello), Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Blaufränkisch and barrel-aged Zweigelt as well as Chardonnay and Orange Wine.

The Zalto glasses now enjoy cult status in the world of wine. Appreciated by winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike, they have revolutionised the wine glass and thus set new standards for the perception of drinking. Recently, the glasses were given the “Unimprovable Award” in the renowned Wall Street Journal as one of 6 products of their kind that could not be improved. International experts are convinced of the functionality and quality.

Height: 240 mm
Width: 109 mm
Filling quantity: 765 ml

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