The Providore Drinking Chocolate Tube Set
Our drinking chocolates are based on cocoa powders that are sourced from Ghana, one of the best cocoa-growing regions in West Africa.  Choose from some of our finest drinking chocolate selection and create your own Drinking Chocolate Tube Set with 3 or 6...
from $30.00
The Providore Traditional Drinking Chocolate
An intense dark chocolate experience, deep and powerful, with delightful hints of plum, dried cherry and sun-dried muscatels. It finishes off with an amazing textural resonance on the tongue and in the mouth that echo's delightfully on and on.
from $9.50
The Providore Orange Infused Drinking Chocolate
These cocoa powders have been subtly flavored with natural Sicilian orange oil. Because of the unique nature of this cocoa and its high cocoa butter content, when combined with the orange oil it enrobes each grain of sugar, giving it...
from $9.50
The Providore Spiced With Cinnamon Drinking Chocolate
This great cocoa powder is blended with four freshly cold-ground spices direct from the Spice Islands with cinnamon predominating, in a sophisticated European style of spiced drinking chocolate.
from $9.50
The Providore Infused With French Mint Drinking Chocolate
A sublime blend of two great natural flavors-African cocoa, and peppermint oil, which is distilled from fresh peppermint by master parfumiers in the ancient perfume town of Grasse, in Provence, France.
from $9.50
The Providore White Drinking Chocolate
Real white drinking chocolate made from Ghanaian cocoa butter, pressed directly from cocoa beans, blended with fine dairy milk powder, vanilla, sugar and a little natural soy lecithin to hold it all together. All this makes for a truly sumptuous...
from $9.50
The Providore Seven Spice Chai
The best natural ingredients blended just so, to make an enlivening delicious drink. Our chai powder contains seven organic spices from Sri Lanka blended with cane sugar and natural tea extract. These exquisite spices give this chai blend lovely high...
from $9.50
The Providore Spiced With Chili Drinking Chocolate
Chili and chocolate have been combined in drinks and savory dishes since the time of the Incas. Our chili-spiced drinking chocolate is blended with Australian ground chili powder to give it warmth and a chili kick without overpowering the flavor...
from $9.50
The Providore Infused With Vanilla Beans Drinking Chocolate
Chocolate and vanilla have been blended since prehistory in the Americas. We pack whole pieces of Tahitian vanilla beans with the drinking chocolate so that it slowly dries and infuses. Steeping its fantastic aroma and flavor throughout the cocoa and...
from $9.50
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