Tropeaka Peanut Butter Protein Energy Bar - 50g

Tropeaka Peanut Butter Protein Energy Bar - 50g

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One delicious mouthful will convince you that this is the greatest protein bar you'll find, and there are plenty of reasons why!

Tropeaka's Protein Energy Bar is packed with a powerful combination of certified organic protein and certified-organic energy-boosting superfoods that will keep you powering through your day!

We all know taste matters! But usually, great-tasting products can be full of artificial nasties and unwanted ingredients! Well, not in our products! We've added only the finest organic, 100% natural peanut butter into this bar and sweetened it to a perfect balance with organic maple syrup and raw, organic coconut sugar.

- Delicious 100% natural peanut butter
- High in certified organic plant-protein
- Perfect for an energy boost throughout the day
- A great option for pre and post-workout nutrition
- Helps you tone & build lean muscle
- Full of certified organic energy-boosting superfoods
- Protein for muscle recovery, tissue building & repair
- Rich in 100% organic peanut butter
- Refined-sugar free & sweetened with organic maple syrup
- Contains a blend of MCT oil & BCAAs for performance
- Contributes to the growth of muscle mass
- Contains digestive enzymes. Easily digestible & non-bloating
- Helps you stay fuller for longer & satisfies hunger
- Supports collagen production for healthy skin
- Wide-range of essential vitamins and minerals
- Helps absorb iron for greater energy production
- Quick and convenient to take for a busy lifestyle
- Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
- Naturally free from dairy, soy and gluten
- Contains peanuts & nuts