Terre Exotique Sansho Berry - 20g
Terre Exotique Sansho Berry - 20g

Terre Exotique Sansho Berry - 20g

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Sansho berries come from Japan and are essential to traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine. They have been used since antiquity when they were used to flavour food offered to the gods.

The Japanese believe that Sansho berries were already used in Japanese cooking as far back as the ancient Jomon era (from 15,000 BC up until 300 BC). At that time, Japan was inhabited by hunter-gatherers. Nowadays the Japanese call them "SANAHO" or "HAJIKAMI". Sansho berries are a true gift of nature and are reason enough to warrant a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sansho berries are harvested south of Kobe in Wakayama prefecture on Honshu Island. The best time to harvest them is in July and August.

Japanese have traditionally ground the dried berries and used it to enhance the flavours of noodles with soup, grilled eel (unagi) or in the traditional 7-spice mix called: "SHICHIMI". 

Their delicate citrus scents and notes of mandarin leaves go perfectly with sweet and sour dishes, lobster, poached poultry, exotic fruit salad or sprinkled over sticky chocolate cake. In Japan, one of the local delicacies is Kobe beef with Sansho berries.