Terre Exotique Paprika - 60g

Terre Exotique Paprika - 60g

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This Paprika comes from the Zitava region in Slovakia, where it has been grown and produced traditionally for more than 100 years. Its fairly hot, salty and strong smoky notes give it its distinctive taste together with its outstanding spicy notes.

Aromatic footprint: this paprika's powerful aromatic intensity releases fruity notes of cooked cherries and burnt herbs. Its taste of caramelized meat and its slightly sweet attack will take you by surprise!

Perfect with: Savoyarde cheese fondue, gratin dauphinoise, cream sauce for white asparagus, cream sauce for smoked fish, or infused in red wine in a beef stew.

Best sprinkled over your dishes just before serving. Paprika is also used infused in meat stew (like Hungarian goulash).