Terre Exotique Natural Fleur de Sel - 90g

Terre Exotique Natural Fleur de Sel - 90g

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Called “Africa in the Eyes of Asia”, Madagascar is an island of giant trees, strange animals and indigo blue lagoons. The Ifaty salt works are located in a small corner of paradise on the southwest of the island, far from any pollution. Semi-nomadic fishermen - the Vezo, live there in symbiosis with the lagoon.

Unfortunately, these “sea gypsies” have seen their resources diminish, and have thus turned towards developing salt, the other treasure of the sea.

The nectar of salt marshes, fleur de sel is white and pure. It is the fruit of delicate artisanal work and ideal climatic conditions that occur together in Madagascar—plenty of sun, sea, and wind. It forms on the surface of clay ponds when the water evaporates under the combined action of the sun and wind.

The quality of fleur de sel depends on the manner in which it is harvested and the care that is taken with drying and storage. In Ifaty it is harvested or, more precisely, gathered, by hand - resulting in a delicate and elegant salt.