Terre Exotique Habanero Chilli Pepper - 15g

Terre Exotique Habanero Chilli Pepper - 15g

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Extremely powerful!

The habanero chilli pepper from Mexico, is the oldest plant grown in America. For 9,000 years, it has grown in this land of gastronomic delights along with vanilla and chocolate.

Christopher Colombus was the first to bring this spice back to Isabella the Catholic, but it was Magellan, on his heroic trip around the world, who took this chilli pepper to the four corners of the planet. In 2010, UNESCOdesignated traditional Mexican Cuisine as a Cultural Treasure.

The Emperor Montezuma reportedly drank an energizing elixir made from cocoa, vanilla, spices and chilli pepper. Chilli peppers are an essential ingredient of Mexican, African and Asian cuisines.

The Habanero chilli pepper is powerful and scorching hot but has a surprising perfume of dried abricot. It will set your tastebuds alight and awaken all your senses! You can use it in chilli sauces, tomato sauces, stocks, and mayonnaises. Use sparingly!