Terre Exotique Green Cardamom - 40g

Terre Exotique Green Cardamom - 40g

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Green cardamom comes from the rhizome Elettaria cardamom which originally came from the Malabar coast in India. It was introduced to North America at the beginning of the 20th century. The name of its botanical species "Elettaria" means "cardamom seed" in Tamil. It comes from the same botanical genus as ginger, turmeric and Ethiopian Korarima.

Nowadays green cardamom is grown in Guatemala, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Salvador, Tanzania, Honduras and Thailand.

Green cardamom has aromas of eucalyptus and camphor and its strong ripe citrus fruity notes go perfectly with Asian and Oriental dishes.

Once ground, this spice will enchant carrot mashes, chicken tagines with crunchy vegetables, almond and anise cakes or fish served with sauce. It can also be infused in tea or coffee to add a spicy touch.

Best ground with a pestle and mortar to release its full flavour, you can grind both the whole pod or just the seeds.