Terre Exotique Fenugreek - 50g

Terre Exotique Fenugreek - 50g

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Fenugreek originates from West Asia and Southern Europe and has been grown in India and Egypt for thousands of years.

In Ethiopia, these seeds are one of the ingredients of the renowned "Doro Wat" chicken stew, served with a mixture of mead, offal, hard-boiled eggs and Berbere spices.

This Ethiopian fenugreek will enhance chicken masalas, lentils, mashed vegetables, chicken skewers and marinated poultry.

The seeds are best roasted in a pan or soaked in water before grinding them.

Fenugreek's botanical name "Trigonella foenum-graecum" refers to the triangular shape of the seeds (“trigonella”) and to what it was initially used for ("foenum-graecum" Greek hay). The Romans imported it from Greece as animal fodder (“Greek hay”).