Terre Exotique Allspice - 50g
Terre Exotique Allspice - 50g

Terre Exotique Allspice - 50g

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This delicate spice mix is made from Penja black pepper, cinnamon from Madagascar, nutmeg from Sri Lanka, cloves from the Moluccas islands, ginger from Nepal and Allspice. A truly harmonious fresh yet sweet mixture! It is perfect for enhancing stuffing, game and poultry and was widely used by our ancestors.

Once ground, use it in your stocks, jams or add it to your flour when making all your home-made cakes and bread. You can also use it to make fruit compotes, chutneys, crumbles and shortcrust pastry, or sprinkle it over your hot chocolate.

Ingredients: Black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves

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