Rum Explorer Belize 2 Ans - 700ml

Rum Explorer Belize 2 Ans - 700ml

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Type: Rum
Country: United States of America
Region: Belize
Alcohol Percentage: 41%
Size: 700ml

Winery Information: The Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil Normandy, has created its range of Rums, the fruit of its passion for spirits and its unique know-how when it comes to the art of blending. The range naturally complements the Calvados and Whiskies, reflecting the same desire to craft spirits that are true marvels of flavour.

Blend and Maturation: Aged in American oak barrels that contain cognac, This Belize rum will fully bring you very subtle woody aromatic notes.

Tasting Notes: The bouquet expresses itself on the honey of flowers, the ripe banana and light caramel, depth of delicate candied fruits. The palate, initially light and floral, coats the palate. Then appear notes of cooked banana, citrus fruits and cocoa. The finish is unctuous with flavours of cinnamon and raisins.