Phraya Elements Rum - 700ml

Phraya Elements Rum - 700ml

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Country: Thailand
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Size: 700ml

Phraya, pronounced "prah-yah", is a molasses rum from Thailand, the name was once used to denote the highest honour awarded by the King in gratitude for outstanding service to the country. Phraya is produced in the SangSom distillery, the oldest distillery in the country, founded in 1977.

Located in the Nakhon Pathom province west of Bangkok, it benefits from fertile land and a climate perfect for growing sugar cane and produces a traditional rum distilled in a column still.

Resolutely avant-garde, SangSom is also one of the handful of distilleries in the country that have become experts in the art of ageing. Phraya's rich and complex style reflects this.