Peddlers Rare Eastern Gin - 750ml

Peddlers Rare Eastern Gin - 750ml

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Country: China
Alcohol Percentage: 45.7%
Size: 750ml

Peddlers Gin is China's first craft Gin and is inspired by the Shanghai underground, which is a diverse community of creators and artists, merchants and musicians, who continuously push the boundaries of their craft. As such, it is the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary influences. 

It is made from eleven botanicals and crafted in small batches to ensure its quality and flavour are never compromised. Their organic botanicals are foraged from locations such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, and Gansu, contributing to a truly unique Chinese craft gin. The ingredients tell a story of the beauty and diversity of China and its unique natural flora.

Flavour Profile: Balanced notes of Buddha’s hand citrus, lotus flower, and Sichuan pepper, which complement traditional botanicals for a unique yet perfectly blended gin.