Oatside Chocolate Oat Milk - 1L

Oatside Chocolate Oat Milk - 1L

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We wanted to recreate that rich-dark-chocolate-drink you tried once at your favourite artisanal chocolatier, but can never seem to find at the supermarket.

The problem is, most packaged chocolate drinks only add a little cacao and pile on sugar and added-flavours of cacao and vanilla.

Our approach is simple: ONLY REAL CACAO (we use twice the amount of cacao than most), NEVER ADDED-FLAVORS, and LESS SUGAR (our sugar content is 40-60% lower than most, and we use raw palm nectar instead of refined cane sugar)

Rich Dark Chocolate
Complex dark chocolate notes with a creamy mouthfeel

100% plant-based, no saturated fats, lactose-free, less sugar

Sustainable Option
100% Rainforest/UTZ-certified cacao. This means higher farmer incomes, no child labour, and sustainable farming practices to restore forests

Only Real Ingredients
Roasted Australian oats, Sulawesi cacao, no added flavours, gums, emulsifiers

Nutrigrade: B
Sugar per 100g: 4.8g

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