Nusa Cana Tropical Island Rum - 700ml

Nusa Cana Tropical Island Rum - 700ml

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Country: Indonesia
Alcohol Percentage: 37.5%
Size: 700ml

Nose: Vibrant cane juice, banana, coconut and spice
Taste: Fresh cane and young coconut. White and black pepper spice. Mature dry wood, vanilla and toasted banana leaf
Finish: An astoundingly smooth finish with structure, body and lingering cane

Nusa Cana Tropical Island rum is a versatile blended rum with an Indonesian heart. Distilled on Java, the original home of Indonesian rum, the heart of Nusa Cana is a rich and vibrant sugarcane spirit that stays true to the traditions of Indonesian rum.

Unique Fermentation of molasses and rice, rustic pot distillation & teak wood ageing create a powerful and vibrant tasting rum. We then blend our pot still Indonesian heart, with carefully selected aged column-still rum, offering a hint of familiarity whilst letting the funky flavours of Indonesian rum shine.

Born of ancient days, blended for modern nights