Nuri Sardine Pate In Spiced Olive Oil - 65G

Nuri Sardine Pate In Spiced Olive Oil - 65G

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Artisanal sardines made from the freshest fish in Portugal. Hand-selected, hand processed, hand wrapped works of art.

Since 1920, this iconic Portuguese brand has been blowing the competition out of the water with their fastidiously handcrafted artisanal sardines, NURI.

What’s their secret? Attention to detail.

First, they hand-select the freshest sardines from local master fishermen. Grown in the cold waters of the Atlantic, these fish contain unique nutritional properties and remarkable depth of flavour.

Rather than machines, each fish is prepared slowly by hand according to secret family recipes. They’re gently ‘vapour cooked’, packed in premium 100% Refined Olive Oil and hand-wrapped in beautiful vintage packaging, in a final act of craftsmanship.

Ingredients: Sardines (50%), olive oil (16%), tomato pulp, carrot, chickpeas, chili(2%), salt, cloves, and laurel.