No 3 London Dry Gin - 700ml

No 3 London Dry Gin - 700ml

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Country: Netherlands
Alcohol Percentage: 46%
Size: 700ml

Nose: Spices, lemon zest, milk chocolate
Taste: Smooth, ripe fruit (pears, plums, blackcurrants), sweet almond milk
Finish: Citrus fruit, peppermint, spice bread

Berry Bros is located at 3 Saint James Street in London. Its London Dry gin, produced in the Netherlands (not England) in the purest gin tradition, thus bears the same number on the bottle. Its composition notably features Italian juniper, Spanish oranges and, more unusually, grapefruit.

This lively base forms the backbone of this gin, supporting the other components in its palette of flavours and aromas. Very elegant, it offers tremendous harmony.