Merlet XO - 700ml

Merlet XO - 700ml

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Country: France
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Size: 700ml

Nose: Rich and complex, lightly floral with notes of peach, orange peel and vanilla. A spicy undercurrent of ginger, black pepper and oak
Taste: Clean, round and ample with distinct notes of wood.
Finish: Lasting fruity notes on the finish

The masters at Merlet have done it once again, creating an award-winning XO par excellence that brings together a wonderfully woody palate with lasting fruity notes in a classic blend that’s been aged for a minimum of ten years. This particular blend contains a combination of mostly Fins Bois and Fine Champagne eaux-de-vie, using the art of blending, masterful maturation and skilful savoir-faire to create the now-iconic Merlet XO Cognac.

A round and warm blend that boasts an extreme elegance in both taste and presentation, the Merlet XO Cognac has been carefully crafted by Gilles Merlet and his two sons Pierre and Luc, distilling their eaux-de-vie on-site before leaving it to age for at least 6 years in the family's cherished cellars. This combination of crus produces a unique and fruity aromatic palate that has been described as "characteristically Merlet". A well-rounded and exquisite XO, it has been celebrated for its beautifully balanced flavors of fruit and wood.