Merlet Cognac VSOP - 700ml

Merlet Cognac VSOP - 700ml

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Country: France
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Size: 700ml

Nose: Fine and subtle. White-fleshed fruits (peach)
Taste: Round and supple
Finish: Long and fruity

For their Merlet VSOP cognac, Gilles Merlet and sons selected and blended eauxde-vies over 4-years-old from various regions in the Cognac appellation, in order to ensure its consistent quality.

The Ugni Blanc, the largest proportion of grape used in the blend, brings intense, subtle notes of fruit, such as peaches. The Merlet distillery’s VSOP is also characterised by its round and supple mouthfeel. A delicious cognac for tasting on its own or in a cocktail.