Helios White Rum - 720ml

Helios White Rum - 720ml

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Country: Japan
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Size: 720ml

Nose: Very exotic characters, with aromas of pineapple and a hint of smokiness
Taste: Round and powerful with a touch of sweetness
Finish: White pepper notes on the finish

Thanks to the semi-tropical climate suitable for the cultivation of sugar cane and rum production, Helios Shuzo -founded in 1961- produces rum using the best locally grown ingredients purchased directly from farmers.

Mr. Tadashi Matsuda has been promoting the identity, culture, and know-how of Okinawa for over 50 years. 

The Helios Rum is made from sugar cane grown in Okinawa. A mixture of molasses rum (traditional type) and cane juice (agricultural type), it is extremely aromatic and characterized by the rich aroma and taste of Japanese sugar cane.