Francois Doucet Douceurs Sublimes Gift Box - 260g

Francois Doucet Douceurs Sublimes Gift Box - 260g

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A gorgeous “Douceurs Sublimes” metal coffer, featuring the most authentic and delicious creations from François Doucet Confiseur, established in Provence since 1969.

- MéliMélo Excellence: a gourmet blend of coated almonds and hazelnuts, with Olives de Provence, Galets, Noisettes de nos Forêts and Pralino Chocolat Noir Brillant.

- Amour de Cerise: delicious sour cherry Fruit jelly covered in a thin layer of gianduja and adorned with chocolate in a variety of glimmering colours.

- Pâtes de fruits Framboise: sweet, smooth and authentic… Its unique flavour will sublimate your taste buds.

- Pâtes de fruits Poire: that incomparable flavour of Pear Williams from the “Hautes Alpes” turns it into an outstanding confection where fruit and sugar cohabit in perfect balance.