Bennetto Natural Foods 82% Super Dark Chocolate - 80g

Bennetto Natural Foods 82% Super Dark Chocolate - 80g

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Pure Madagascar, exceptionally dark organic chocolate in 82% cocoa. Our darkest so far.

These beans proudly come from the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar. It is one of the three most species-rich habitats in the world, with many birds & animals found nowhere else in the wild. This bar proudly supports the MaMaBay Conservation Through Cocoa Project on the peninsula through additional financial contributions. The aim is to regenerate 200-300 hectares of deforested land back into the tropical rainforest it once was by planting high-quality cacao trees alongside native vanilla, cloves, and hardwoods.

Birds: Madagascan Pygmy Kingfisher & Madagascan Hoopoe

- 82% Cocoa
- No added soy, gluten or dairy
- Certified organic and Fairtrade
- Net climate positive