Antica Torino Amaro Della Sacra Amaro d'Erbe - 700ml

Antica Torino Amaro Della Sacra Amaro d'Erbe - 700ml

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Country: Italy, Piemonte
Alcohol Percentage: 35%
Size: 750ml

Nose: Spicy with hints of cinnamon, cardamom and chinchona
Taste: Complex and wide on the palate
Finish: Hot, bitter-sweet, with a long finish

Amaro is an alcoholic beverage with a predominantly bitter taste, made with an infusion in alcohol of different botanicals and drunk for its digestive characteristics. Amaro Della Sacra is an infusion in cold alcohol (called cold maceration) of flowers, roots, seeds, barks, resins and woods, then decanted and refined in stainless steel tanks for several months, filtered and bottled.

The ingredients are all-natural: leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, resins, spices and barks. Some of them are typical of the territory of Piedmont, such as the gentianella and hops flowers, others more ‘exotic,’ discovered over the centuries during the exploration of new lands - for instance, the vanilla of Madagascar, the green cardamom of the Indies, the myrrh of the Middle East, as well as the chinchona bark of South America. Amaro Della Sacra is created by macerating the ingredients in grain alcohol and ageing until all the elements are well incorporated.