Albertengo Panettone Gran Piemonte Al Moscato - 1.5kg

Albertengo Panettone Gran Piemonte Al Moscato - 1.5kg

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Made in Italy.

Inspired by a generation of Italian bakers in Torre San Giorgio, a village at the bottom of the Alps, Domenico Albertengo introduced his magnum opus to the pastry world - the Panettone. His creation combines the traditional aroma of fresh bread and the delicate scent of sweet cake.

A combination of Albertengo's luscious dough and Moscato wine, delicate icing made from Piedmont IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Hazelnuts, almond and confectioners sugar, Albertengo creates traditional panettones of the highest quality, made with the finest ingredients following traditional recipes.

This fine Moscato panettone pairs perfectly with a glass of Moscato and makes a great holiday gift!