Terre Exotique Red Szechuan Berry - 30g

Terre Exotique Red Szechuan Berry - 30g

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The Szechuan Berry gets its name from the Asian region where it grows: Szechuan, in China. The small berries grow on shrubs with crimson foliage. The berries are initially green, turning red and then brown as they ripen. They open gradually to release the two seeds inside... leaving the tasty husk for us!

Long appreciated in ancient China for its mixture of freshness and heat, its power and also its aphrodisiac properties, the Szechuan berry is even said to have embalmed the walls of the "pepper rooms" of the luxury Chang’an palace with its mesmerizing perfume.

It arrived in Europe in the 13th century when Marco Polo imported it to Venice where it charmed the chefs and enhanced every dish until it fell into culinary oblivion. It returned to fame in the 19th century and since then, has experienced a renaissance around the world, along with the spread of Szechuan cuisine.

Its aromas of lime and notes of dried flowers and acidy cherries go perfectly with foie gras, pan-fried green asparagus and even in desserts such as a sticky chocolate cake.

It is a must-have for any chef or food buff!