Terre Exotique Black Tellicherry Pepper - 60g

Terre Exotique Black Tellicherry Pepper - 60g

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This pepper comes from Thallassery (renamed Tellicherry by the British), a town in Malabar on the spice coast of Kerala in Southern India. In 1708 the British built an imposing fort to control the region's spice trade, namely black pepper, which was sought after by all. 

The Malabar coast is the cradle of pepper cultivation. It is the most humid region of Southern India, with outstanding soils, which accounts for almost 70% of India's spice production. It's a true "spice haven".

Its fresh aromas of lemon and grapefruit will zest up roasted pike perch, sweetbreads, farmhouse chicken and goat's cheese.

Spicy, supple and elegant.