Nudus Kale Cracking Sea Salt Chips - 20g

Nudus Kale Cracking Sea Salt Chips - 20g

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Vegetable Chips in their whole & truest form.

The"all-natural" flavoured crunchy vegetable chips are air-dried, never fried. Made by gently tossing fresh Australian-grown kale, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom and Brussel sprouts with our hand-crafted dressings created in our kitchen from a perfect blend of natural seeds, herbs and spices. The result is an intensely flavoursome and nutrient-dense crunchy snack that you have all been craving!

Our vegetables start and end with the whole vegetable, kept in its true form from start to end. Freely tossed with equally yummy and nutritional natural ingredients like lemon juice, raw cashew and sunflower seeds to create an unbelievably flavoursome healthy crunchy snack.

We then gently and slowly air-dry them at a low temperature for 20 hours to ensure that the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes you would get from eating fresh produce are intact for you to enjoy.

Kale with that little bit of crackling.

Nudusbites crunchy kale chips start and end with the most nutritionally rich leafy green - Kale. We simply add Sea Salt to the beautiful natural leaf leaving you with a tasty, all-natural, deliciously nutritious snack that you have been craving!