Red Clipper Habanero Mango Rockmelon & Lime - 200ml

Red Clipper Habanero Mango Rockmelon & Lime - 200ml

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A sophisticated range of sauces for chilli- loving foodies, made in Australia.

As lifelong chilliphiles, the creators of Red Clipper lamented the lack of flavour and fire in most chilli sauces, one usually sacrificed for the other. They also believed that sauce bottles should command pride of place on the dining table, and look the part too.

So they created an uncompromising range of chilli sauces with the finest ingredients, to do justice to this fiery little fruit.

In what might be their favourite sauce, Red Clipper have paired the sweetness of Mango and Rockmelon with their famed fruity spiciness of the Habanero to capture the essence of a tropical summer. This is a sweet, tropical hot sauce that has quite a bite to it. It goes beautifully with seafood, pork, vegetable dishes and mild creamy cheese. It could also make a few appearance in a few cocktails!