Hawthorn's London Dry Gin - 700ml

Hawthorn's London Dry Gin - 700ml

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Country: England
Alcohol Percentage: 41%
Size: 700ml

Hawthorn’s Gin is still produced to a recipe formulated by the owner's seafaring Grandfather, a Commander in the Royal Navy during the Second World War.

The recipe was discovered in secret wartime diaries containing detailed battle plans and analysis of previous confrontations. This came as a great surprise to a lucky grandson!

Decorated many times for his bravery, Skip used to distill his own gin and take it to sea to boost morale. His maritime boast of being sunk three times and never getting his feet wet was always proudly toasted at each port with what became his legendary ‘On the Rocks’ measure.

Hawthorn’s was created in his memory, to honour his desire to see his ‘old tipple’ brought back to life. He used to invite fellow officers to join him and toast ‘the future’, and we invite you to raise a glass of Hawthorn’s to him and ‘to future drinks’.

This single batch award-winning gin is created from 10 botanicals, sourced from the same four corners of the globe in which Skip laid anchor. Whilst the exact recipe remains a secret, the botanicals include nutmeg grown in Sri Lanka and Indonesian Cassia Bark.

Hawthorn's London Dry Gin stays true to traditional hand-crafted methods, distilled from 100% English wheat in a beautiful vintage copper pot still manufactured by John Dore and Co, long recognised as the finest still maker in the world.