Brass Lion Pahit Pink Gin - 500ml

Brass Lion Pahit Pink Gin - 500ml

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Country: Singapore
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Size: 500ml

Nose: Warm, citrus notes
Taste: Robust with cinnamon and spice, with noticeable citrus sparks from mandarin orange peels
Finish: Light sweetness from red dates, with a lingering spice from the ginger

The Pink Gin was first popularised by the British Royal Navy as a remedy for seasickness in colonial Malaya. A mix of Gin and Bitters, it soon became known in the region as Gin Pahit – Pahit translates to “bitter” in Malay.

The Brass Lion Pahit Pink Gin is a take on this classic drink with a distinctively Singaporean twist. Our house-made Brass Lion Singapore Bitters, together with The Singapore Dry Gin results in a full-bodied spiced gin – best sipped on the rocks or paired with ginger ale.