Arhumatic Strawberries of the Woods - 700ml

Arhumatic Strawberries of the Woods - 700ml

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Country: France
Alcohol Percentage: 28%
Size: 700ml

Nose: At the first smell, the odours of the undergrowth, of moss and lichen surprise us. Then the notes of just-picked wild strawberries are noticeable
Taste: The characteristic and unusual fragrance of the Strawberry is very powerful.
Finish: The softness of the red fruit in the mouth is lifted by the strength of the rum.

THE STORY: which variety should be chosen to create a flavoured rum-based solely on the strawberry? A very aromatic variety with an unusual fragrance. The Mara of the Woods has many admirers who love its delicacy. ARHUMATIC’S Fragaria Silvarum was created for those who look for authenticity, a strong, unadulterated flavour. Just one fruit, a good fruit, the best. Freshly picked and rapidly incorporated into our recipe to delight your taste buds.

THE FRUIT: Created at the beginning of the ’90s, Mara of the Woods is a juicy strawberry, very sweet and very fragrant. Its uniqueness is its fragrance of wild strawberries. It also has musky notes which will seduce young and old alike. This light red fruit has a slightly conical shape which distinguishes it from other strawberries on the stalls.

SEASONALITY: ARHUMATIC’S Fragaria Silvarum is offered from the month of July after the first harvest of strawberries.