Westmont Chilli Pickle - 500g
Westmont Chilli Pickle - 500g

Westmont Chilli Pickle - 500g

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Westmont is the original and the only all-Australian pickle. Our products are made by Aussies, using all-Aussie ingredients.

Founded in 2014 by Sydney-based best mates Joel Mevissen and Calvin Lidden, Westmont came about over beers in the backyard, at a time when pickling cucumbers were hard to find Down Under. But, working together with a local farm network, we helped to develop and foster the local market for pickling cucumbers.

Using all Aussie produce, Westmont’s 100% Australian-made and owned products are picked, packed and pickled right here onshore – bringing you the Biggest Crunch Down Under. Today, the range is featured on some of the best menus in the country, as well as all great grocery shelves.

Made with Australian habaneros, Westmont’s Chilli pickle packs a punch. This pickle is great with slow cooked meats or added to your Bloody Mary Mix.