Sapori Antichi Truffle Rice - 250g
Sapori Antichi Truffle Rice - 250g

Sapori Antichi Truffle Rice - 250g

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Sapori Antichi was founded in 2016 in Italy, specialising in the production of high-quality pasta, dehydrated pasta sauces and dried risottos. Only natural ingredients are used, without any additives and chemical colourants.

Each Risotto undergoes a slow drying process which enhances its texture and flavour. A slow yet exquisite process that emphasizes the pasta maker's attention to detail and quest for quality.

Ingredients: Traditional Italian rice, white truffle aroma, summer truffle

Recipe: Warm up a couple spoonful of olive oil in a pan. Add the rice in and let it fry lightly whilst stirring it. Continue to stir while adding hot stock a ladleful at a time till it barely covers the rice. Cook the rice slowly for about 20 minutes so that the stock is fully absorbed. Once cooked, add some olive oil or butter and parmesan cheese. Mix till creamy and serve.