Lauds Plant Based Foods Tasty Oat Melt - 300g

Lauds Plant Based Foods Tasty Oat Melt - 300g

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100% Plant-based - All Laud's products are dairy, meat and lactose-free.

Lauds Tasty Oat Melt is the big brother of our original melting cheese.

Crafted as a ‘tasty’ melting product, it contains matured cashew cheese, thus exhibiting a stronger, cheesier flavour. It is a versatile cheese that melts, bubbles and browns much like regular cheese.

It has no artificial flavour profile and has a higher melting point than traditional cheese. Use to top pizzas, lasagna or nachos, make toasted sandwiches, or add it to savoury pastries for a melting cheese indulgence.

Ingredients: Oat Milk Yoghurt (Water, Organic Oats, Yellow Split Peas, Potato Starch, Natural Cultures), Water, Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Flour, Cashews, Organic Coconut Oil, Carrageenan, Tasmanian Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Miso Paste (from soy), Spices, Natural Colour (beta-carotene), Preservative (sorbic acid).