Kinto CLK-152 Bowl - 140mm
Kinto CLK-152 Bowl - 140mm

Kinto CLK-152 Bowl - 140mm

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Basic items designed with broad base, stable form, and just the right thickness and weight.​ ​

Roughness and delicacy are the expressive elements of CERAMIC LAB. Developed by working closely with craftsmen in traditional pottery villages of Japan, it is a fresh interpretation of Japanese tableware for the modern lifestyle. Knowledge and skills were inherited to develop the product —from the proportion of clay and glaze, to the sensitive transformations while firing that depend on temperature and humidity. Featuring the warm textures of clay, the humble designs give comfort to the user.​ ​

CLK-151, 152, and 153 are produced in Hasami Village in Nagasaki prefecture using sandstone special to the area. CLK-161 is produced in Tajimi village in Gifu prefecture and is noted by the unique finish of the glaze.

Dimensions: φ140 x H60 mm