Isle of Wight Distillery HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin - 700ml

Isle of Wight Distillery HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin - 700ml

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Country: England
Alcohol Percentage: 57%
Size: 700ml

Nose: Intense citrus and peppery notes
Taste: Warm spice with vibrant lemon zest
Finish: Long, layered and complex with a well-rounded mouthfeel

Working in partnership with the national museum of the Royal Navy, The Isle of Wight Distillery produces this unique, sophisticated 57% ABV Navy Strength Gin under special license.

Bold and strong, our award-winning HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin packs a high concentration of botanicals to deliver powerful, intense flavour worthy of the world’s oldest serving warship. A confident gin with heart and a sense of history for the Gin aficionado.

Why Gunpowder Proof?
The Royal Navy legislated that all ships must carry 100˚ proof (57% ABV) rum and gin on board. Gin for the officers, rum for the crew. As proof of its strength and purity, pussers would test each barrel using a rule of thumb method: a few grains of gunpowder were added to the spirits and heated using the sun’s rays, concentrated through a magnifying glass. If the powder ignited, the liquid was proof – pure, strong and likely to remain explosive in the heart of battle.