Harahorn Norwegian Small Batch Gin - 750ml

Harahorn Norwegian Small Batch Gin - 750ml

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Country: Norway
Alcohol Percentage: 46%
Size: 750ml

Nose: Cool aroma characterised by juniper berries, anise, flower and citrus.
Taste: Dry gin with good filling and a touch of juniper, anise and citrus.
Finish: Complex and rich, very even with a long aftertaste.

Harahorn Norwegian Gin is named after a mountain in Norway and inspired by the story of a hare with horns. Produced at 300 litres a time to retain total control of quality, it uses many of the berries and herbs from the wilds of Norway – among the world’s most flavoursome.

Harahorn is 2019 Gin of the Year and a Gold medal at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings.