Easy Coffee Kit

Easy Coffee Kit

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The perfect gift for all coffee lovers! Try out our Coffee powder range that is created using a special technique of evaporating drip coffee. Through this process, ultrafine coffee particles are produced that are soluble and easy to make at home! All you need is just a couple seconds to enjoy a richly aromatic cup of coffee that tastes exactly like it's been freshly dripped.

We've included an assortment of coffee types, including our single origin assortment pack conprising of coffee from Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala, and Indonesia Mandheling.

Easy Coffee Kit includes:
- The Providore Main Blend Coffee Powder (3 Sticks)
- The Providore Decaf Coffee Powder (3 Sticks)
- The Providore Single Origin Assorted Pack (3 Sticks)
- The Providore Coffee Powder with Raw Sugar (2 Sticks)
- The Providore Sugar Beans (8 Beans)

Easy Coffee Kit is packaged in a small gift box. Complimentary gift card can be included, simply put in a request under the comments section of your order with your gift message.

*In the event that an item is unavailable, we will replace it with another flavor, or with another item of similar value

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