Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino Rosso - 750ml

Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino Rosso - 750ml

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Country: Italy, Piemonte
Alcohol Percentage: 18%
Size: 750ml

Nose: Intense and complex, winey, spicy and herbaceous, scents of laurel, rhubarb, gentian, vanilla and citrus peel
Taste: Fresh, sweet, alcoholic, savoury; distinct notes of ginger, laurel, vanilla and rhubarb
Finish: Long and persistent

Vittorio Zoppi and Filippo Antonelli founded the Antica Torino company to produce and rediscover traditional Piedmontese aromatized wines, liqueurs and spirits, creating new recipes inspired by traditional ones. Their first product was the vermouth, which is the symbol of the city’s excellence and elegant lifestyle.

The Vermouth Rosso derives from constant work at the distillery, continual experimentation and tasting, with the aim of creating an organoleptic masterpiece. Research into this recipe took many months and many versions of the product to arrive at the definitive one inspired by the most ancient of Savoy recipes.

The ingredients include home-grown herbs such as absinthe, rhubarb and gentian, grapefruit peel, vanilla pods, rosemary and red thyme, which country-dwellers have always used to aromatize their wines.

A total of thirteen botanicals were used, entirely natural (with no ready-made dyes), processed individually and on a cottage-industry basis.