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Manomasa Chipotle and Lime Corn Chips - 160g
Made from the finest white corn masa rolled out extra thin, this Chipotle & Lime Corn Chip is simply delicious. Inspired by the Taqueria, it has the heat from Guajillo chilli, the sweetness of red Bell peppers, smoky depth of...
Manomasa Manchego and Green Olive Corn Chips - 160g
The King of tapas table, this Manchego & Olive Corn Chip is layered with juicy Mediterranean olives, subtly sweet pimiento and tangy Manchego cheese. Made with the finest white corn masa, rested then toasted for a smooth, flaked texture.Best eaten...
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Manomasa Tomatillo Salsa Corn Chips - 160g
This Tomatillo Salsa Corn Chip celebrates the maker's love of Latin America with it's delicious flavor that comes from Amarillo which is the much loved chilli of Peru and the fruity sharpness of the Mexican green tomato.Best savoured crumbled onto...
Manomasa White Cheddar Corn Chips - 160g
Tortilla chips white cheddar has perfect shape, texture and taste and can be use it as a cracker. Finest white corn masa rolled out nice and thick, rested then slow-toasted on a low heat, before being paddled through sunflower oil...
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