Manomasa Chipotle and Lime Corn Chips - 160g

Manomasa Chipotle and Lime Corn Chips - 160g

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Made from the finest white corn masa rolled out extra thin, this Chipotle & Lime Corn Chip is simply delicious. Inspired by the Taqueria, it has the heat from Guajillo chilli, the sweetness of red Bell peppers, smoky depth of chipotle chilli and the zing of lime.

Savor it crumbled over salads, serve with ceviche or dip into guacomole.

Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegetarians
Vegan Friendly
GMO Free Corn

These snacks were produced in a nut free factory.

Ingredients: Whole White Corn Flour, Sunflower Oil, Cracked Pumpkin Seeds (2%), Roasted Red Bell Peppers (1%), Rice Flour, Ground Toasted Guajillo Chillies (1%), Millet Seeds, Spices (Smoked Paprika, Cayenne, Chilli, Cumin, Chipotle Chilli), Salt (including Smoked Salt), Natural Flavourings (including Natural Chilli, Natural Lemon, Natural Lime), Dried Yeast, Sugar, Dried Garlic, Dried Onion, Dried Yeast Extract, Dried Cider Vinegar, Dried Tomato, Natural Colour: Caramel, Oregano