Terre Exotique Dijon Mustard with Truffle - 100g

Terre Exotique Dijon Mustard with Truffle - 100g

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Spicy, tasty, and lusciously decadent. This mustard is laced with the unmistakable fragrance of truffles.

Before becoming a spicy tasty paste, mustard comes from black mustard seeds (Brassica nigra). At least 500,000 seeds are needed to obtain 1kg of mustard which involves 3 stages.

Stage 1: The seeds are ground.

Stage 2: They are then mixed for several hours with verjuice (highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes which gives mustard its acidic tanginess).

Stage 3: The mix is then ground again and sieved to separate the husk of the seed from the paste.

Then the paste is left to mature for several days, which gets rid of the strong bitter taste which it has at the end of the production stages. It then just needs to be homogenized and jarred.

Ingredients: Dijon mustard (mustard, vinegar, water, salt), freeze-dried truffle summer truffle aroma